Get your Team Together and Pack your Virtual Bags!

The Virtual is Mission is the same as a ‘regular’ mission……but different. Just imagine the possibilities as you set the team, plan a week of mission (one hour each day for five days), learn, explore, connect, and partner with project sites around the world! Read through the suggestions here and determine which mission journey you will share. Adapt the journey as needed for small groups, Bible studies, Missions committee discussion, or explore as an individual.

Watch this site for additional Virtual Missions as they are developed. Let Tammy know about your Mission Journey and if you have a suggestion for a future Virtual Mission.)


Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference

Maua Hospital, Kenya

Give Ye Them To Eat, Mexico

Cass Community Social Services, Detroit, MI


Team Leader

  • Maintain communication with your site host, Conference Coordinator, and team members.
  • Keep up to date on travel restrictions to/from your target country.
  • Coordinate activities of team members.
  • Review Team Leader Handbook.
  • Review budget

Construction Coordinator

  • Look for local construction volunteer work (Habitat for
  • Humanity, wheelchair ramps)
  • host workshops for skill practice.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Evaluate 3-4 fundraising activities and present to group.


  • Search for images and/or videos from your site to share.
  • Take pictures of team during Local Involvement activities.

Meal Coordinator

  • Internet search for recipes from your target area.
  • Host a meal at your church or for the team.


  • Find area highlights, historical overviews, etc.


  • Responsible for sending in funds to the Advance, PayPal, etc.

Communications Coordinator

  • Set up a mutually convenient time for a Skype or Zoom call between the site and your congregation.

Local Activities Scout

  • Ask a couple of people to find local opportunities for volunteering that match up to your site’s program focus.

Spiritual Guide

  • In cooperation with your pastor or worship leader, write a series of “Mission Moments” or site updates to present to the congregation.


  • If still observing social distancing, set up Zoom calls with your team. If “stay-at- home” orders have been lifted, set up face-to-face meetings on regular intervals.
  • Do a book study around the issues. Invite people who cannot travel with the team but still are interested in the mission.
  • Do you still have space available on your team once you are able to travel again? Invite new potential team members to attend a meeting or local activity.



  • Team commissioning
  • Introduction to mission trip (“Remember your why!”)
  • Fundraising Kick-off
  • Closing prayers


  • Devotional
  • Skype call with missioner
  • State goals for helping mission
  • Reading selection
  • Closing prayers


  • Devotional
  • Share mission videos, stories and photos
  • Fundraising updates
  • Reading selection
  • Closing prayers


  • Devotional
  • Intercessory prayer
  • Reading selection
  • Closing prayers


  • Devotional
  • Skype with missioner
  • Fundraising Report
  • Group debriefing
  • Closing Prayers